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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Robert Schuller Ministries, Church With No Walls

Lanelle, Me, Donna at The Gathering for Palm Sunday
We celebrated a wonderful Palm Sunday with The Gathering in Puerto Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  We waved the palm branches that my wife Donna and her mother had collected to commemorate Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
This month our monthly telephone church service, “The Call” takes place in the middle of Holy week. It is on Wednesday April 15 at 6pm pacific.  I will include here how you can join us if you want to continue an in depth discussion on the events that took place so many years ago.  Holy week begins with the celebratory Palm Sunday, or Christ’s Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem.  It ends with his death on Good Friday and his Resurrection on Easter.  A lot happens in less than one week.
I have always found it an amazing study of human psychology to see the enormous shift that took place during that week. The  shouts of Halleluiahs in just 5 days turn into the same people calling for the death of the King of the Jews. How fickle we are. We are so excited one minute and so disappointed, sad and angry the next. Emotions twist and turn with the speed of a roller coaster. They are up one minute and down the next. Certain news brings positive feelings of happiness and excitement and a moment later something changes all that and our tempers flair and our hearts sink.
Why is it that most of us cannot have enough faith to have a steady, constant trust in God’s enduring promises? One wrong word and we crash. What does it take to create that firm foundation that cannot be shaken? I wish that I could always receive bad news and let it flow off my back like water off a duck.  I also know that in my human frailty, that is not always possible.  How can we overcome the fear that made St. Peter deny Christ three times and makes us sometimes shrink away from claiming the truth? The Bible tells us that “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”
My prayer for you is that you will join me for “The Call” this Wednesday, April 15th at 6pm Pacific time.  We will discuss in more depth what it means to follow Christ even when we see people all around us turn away from him.  We will talk about what it means to have a willing heart but weak flesh.   I hope that you will join my wife and I by dialing 530-881-1300 at 6pm sharp.  Key-in 642848#.  We will pray together, read scripture, take prayer requests, and answer any questions you might have about Holy Week or about your life.   
Your friend, Pastor R.A.S. 
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Are You Leaning Into God?

From the base of the cross looking down to where we have The Gathering each Sunday

 We are in the season of lent and we are should be enjoying a time of reflection and anticipation in what lies ahead.  I also realize that some of us might be feeling like we are deeply lost in our our "forty days in the wilderness".  Life and all of it's ups and downs has a way of testing our trust and our faith.
 Remember this:  Easter and the resurrection of new life and new beginnings is just a few weeks away.

Looking up at the huge 90plus ft. cross from The Gathering below. (you can see me waving on the rt. side of the cross)
"Social networking and relationships are helpful, modern phenomena and have become a regular part of most of our lives.  But spiritual connectivity is powerful and eternal.  Without first being connected vertically to God, all the social networking contacts in the world won't be enough.  Don't let a temporal way to connect be a poor substitute for an eternal way.  Ask God now, to open the eyes of your heart, and you will see just how close He has been all this time---and how you can lean into Him even when life is pushing you away.
Here are some questions to reflect on:
* Do you feel like an "intimate stranger" to God?  To others?
*Are you leaning into God for support and comfort or away from Him in frustration? If the later, are you ready to draw close to Him again?
*If people or events were connected with your distance from God, can you release your hurts to Him for the healing of your wounds?
*How will your life be different if you choose to lean into God?  If you don't?"

The above is a paragraph taken from the introduction of one of my books titled, "Leaning Into God When Life Is Pushing You Away."  Many of us have endured "pushing" situations since I wrote this book and it was published in 2009.  Maybe the distance you feel from God is due to a change in your family situation, your living situation, your health, your professional life, or your life in general.  Here's the great news:  at the end of every season of sparsity and questioning God always provides options for starting over.   In the next few weeks and months I will be highlighting a few points  regarding how we might be leaning in or leaning away.  Please check back regularly as we learn how to trust in God more and more. 

* One way that you can learn how to grow closer to God is by joining my wife and I for our monthly telephone church service.  The Call takes place on the 15th of every month at 6pm Pacific time.  It's easy to join us!  Just dial 530-881-1300 at 6pm and key-in 642848#

God is blessing you.  

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