Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ultimate Peace

With the passing of Shimon Peres the world has lost a peacemaker who now understands ultimate peace.   I had the priveledge of meeting Prime Minister Peres during my thirty-two plus years at the Crystal Cathedral.  
 Let's pray now as we say good-bye to this powerful peacemaker:
God we come to you in humility in remembering a great man. 
For in your word, oh Lord, you tell us that everything in this world is like dust. We rise from and return to, dust. True peace only comes from you and in you and through you. So we pray today for your peace to penetrate every heart and soul with the confidence of knowing that we will be with you in paradise in the days, months or years to come. Thank you for our inner peace today. 
God Loves You and So Do I
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Thank You For A Respectable Debate

And a sound mind and body dwells in a sound soul.  Prayer works.  Pray with me.  

Thank you Father that we live in a county where we can have a debate about the issues of our land without the fear of reprisal. Thank you for answering our prayer and allowing each of the candidates to express themselves and their opinions in a civil and honoring way. We know that they love their country and want the best for her even though they believe in different paths to reach that goal. We pray for wisdom as we make voting decisions that will impact our nation. 
 We praise you God and we thank you.   Amen 
"Prayer doesn't necessarily change things for you but it always changes you for things."   Norman Vincent Peale
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God Loves You and So Do I!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Prayer for the Debate

Exodus Baptist Church of Philadelphia, PA.

Our Father,
You know what is best for us and for our nation. So we lift up these Presidential candidates to you. May they share their views and character to your people in such a way that we will know who we should vote for. May it be civil and honoring. May all those involved aim for the greater good of the USA. May this enhance reconciliation, harmony and unity. We pray this prayer with faith in you. 
In Jesus name, Amen.
God Loves You and So Do I