Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Wall

Here is the message that I delivered at my son's church on September 18th.   I continue to support Bobby and Hannah and The St. Patrick Project in whatever way possible.    If you live locally please join us at 11am Sundays at 143 Lemon Street (The American Legion Building) Old Towne Orange.    If you cannot physically join us please continue to pray for us and we will keep you posted on our mission work through The St. Patrick Project.    God is blessing you!  Robert

The Wall by Robert Anthony Schuller from Robert Schuller on Vimeo.


  1. Dr. Robert A.

    Thank you for the sermon!

    Hope you continue preaching the Word Of God...and miss seeing you.

    Great sermon!

  2. Thanks Robert for another inspirational service. I look forward hearing some more! - God is blessing you, Swiss Rose

  3. Thank you Dr. Robert A. Schuller for your spirit filled sermon. It is always a blessing to hear you read and preach the gospel to witness your gift of preaching. I will keep on praying for you and your wife Donna.
    God Bless you Both
    Your Sister In Christ-
    Vickie Rakich -VickieRoks1 Twitter Name

  4. Robert,
    I've watched this sermon three times and I come away with something new each time I listen to your message. I feel uplifted from your words. Thanks a bunch! Mary Alvarez