Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank you!!!

Hi Friends,
I cannot tell you what your support has meant to me.  After many months of healing and waiting for my latest book to come out,   I am committed to being available to all of you.  If you would pass this blog along to just two people each, we can reach many with the hope and promise of Jesus.  Please give this link to others that you care about.  
I will post again in a couple of days!  God loves you and I do too!  God is blessing you.  Robert


  1. We look forward in your video posts, and did refer over a couple of bloggers, and hope they stop in...

    Had a suggestion for some pre-book sales.

    Have seen others use and or with their own personal website to offer pre-ordered books through paypal. Some, waited until the official book release date, and used the same system to have customers order books with the authors personal autograph and or with personal quotes from the author.

    That might be pretty cool...

  2. Copy from Donna's blog. - I'm tooo... sad Donna, to believe everything that happened! - Pls. go ahead people and look at Robert's new book and his slowly healing and Donna's too. So do not act like glued at his last broadcated sermon. Robert has another GOD BLESSED life after CC. Sad or not...!!! For me CC is over, not Robert and Donna of course! - Blessings, Rose

  3. Al, is an auograph sooooooo... important??? - For me it's the message!!! Blessings, Swiss Rose

  4. Rose,

    To me, its about a personal touch, and getting to know the author. So, yes, its important, to hear the words of a customer...and fan of Rober A. Schuller.