Thursday, June 9, 2011

My New Book


  1. Dr. Robert A.,

    Thank you for sharing your insights & thoughts on your new book and inspired chapters. Look forward to more of your book chapter insights and as your book blog develops it really shined through and inspired...loved your video blog!

    Additionally, Thank You for inviting us into your home...stating such, some say it's just being social in the social media, but, I would say it reminds me being part of something bigger...a fellowship blog family. Amen-


  2. Robert, when we "really" believe in the bible we can overcome step by step when we are devasted.– My mum (84 ½) is a bit devasted because she felt down in her apartment and incured a femoral neck fracture and is now for 2 weeks in hospital without much movement and Saturday for 3 weeks she has to go stationary for rehabilitation. Because I go with the Lord, I am confident that she will be healed and I can reassure her even her mind is a wee bit disconnected.- For me it means I do not give up hope that everything will turn out good. - Blessings, Swiss Rose

  3. Hi All!
    This is really strange but Robert cannot comment on his own blog without my photo coming up because I added him as an "administrator" on my blog and thus it looks like I "own" both of them! He has tried to create a profile like he is just trying to leave a comment like everyone else. It doesn't work for him because each time it asks him to allow all of his information to be public from his selected email address. How do you all subsribe here? A funny question but the only other thing we can do is to let him comment and my photo will come up! Oh technology!!
    God is blessing us! Donna

  4. Donna,

    That can be a very upsetting thing to go can be so hard at times, and I too have had many trials and errors with its internet and or its applicators...they do make things so difficult

    As a suggestion you could try a couple of things:

    1. During the book series you could replace the photo with a husband and wife team photo and then just sign whosoever name that is answering or commenting.

    2. You could also try replacing his current blogger user profile/account and maybe enter the profile under that a new account name:
    IE: "Dr. Robert A." and thereby also in that new account creating a new e-mail address and upload his profile pic. And, if you do that way, it shouldn't effect either of your blog's or other private, then he just could sign in under a different blog profile account and leave his comments...

    In any event, that may help...But, I like the first option better as a husband and wife team photo...)

    Look forward to listening to more of the book series...

  5. Yes Al! A great idea to use a photo of the both of us! I already tried to have him replace his current blogger profile, etc. but guess what? Robert A. Schuller is already taken by me and thus he cannot have it. There is no way to release it. I spent a day trying by going on all those q and a forums as it relates to blogger.
    Robert will be so happy that we have resolution to this problem. Why didn't I think of that?!
    I am going to replace the photo asap!
    Thank you so much! God is blessing you, Donna

  6. I look forward to hear more from your coming book, either on video or written. I ordered it already yet. Thanks in advance for your comments about it. - God is blessing you, Rose

  7. Robert, where are you, your comments are missing and important?!!! Blessings, Swiss Rose

  8. Hi Dr. Robert A,

    Its been awhile, and know that you're busy. But, wanted to say that we miss your inspired blogs and to its blog fellowship.

    Also, congratulations to you, Chris Wyatt, and Mark Burnett on the

    Hope to hear more about your ventures...and sorry to hear of the Crystal Cathedral issues. You're in my prayers...


  9. Robert, this time I agree with Al. You have a blog, but nothing is going on. My dear, it's a real pitty!!! - Blessings, Swiss Rose