Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Holy Land

 Hi All,

I have been remiss in blogging because I am busy assisting in building my media business, traveling the globe promoting world peace, and re-focusing on my lifetime message of total body wellness:  Body, mind, spirit (soul) health.  I wanted to announce that Donna and I will be hosting a cruise around the Holy Land next October.  Stay tuned for more information on one of our blogs....

Here is an article from my recent participation at NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) where I was the keynote speaker for the Israeli Department of Tourism.  They presented me with an award for my continued support and endorsement of Holy Land pilgrimages.   I have been taking groups there since 1972!  

God is blessing you.   Robert II

1000 Christian Leaders Fete Israel Tourism At Mega Religious Broadcasters Convention

Nashville – February 20, 2012: Israel’s Minister of Tourism spoke to 1,000 Christian leaders on Sunday morning at the National Religious Broadcasters’ Convention annual Celebrate Israel breakfast. The Israel event has been a hallmark of every NRB convention for two decades, and this year the audience heard testimonies from Dr. Robert Schuller, Dr. Robert Stearns and Joseph Amaral. Each of these leaders received the Israel Ministry of Tourism’s Faithful Ambassador Award, in appreciation of their support of Christian tourism to Israel.

Grammy Award-winning country music star, Ricky Skaggs gave a performance of songs expressing his love of Israel. The American singing group, Seven, each an individual devoted to Israel’s well-being, performed a variety of Israeli music with Amick Byram singing his emblematic anthem, “You’ll Never Be The Same,” to a standing ovation. And the Celebrate Israel dancers performed a repertoire of traditional Israeli dances.
“We consider Christian visitors not mere tourists, they are our friends,” said Misezhnikov,” and we see our job of promoting tourism to Israel not as a job, but as a mission. Which is why we have newly created a Religious Tourism Department in the Ministry dedicated solely to underscoring the message that “Israel is the Holy Land with Jerusalem at its heart.”"
“Israel’s presence at the NRB convention is central to our message to American Christians that after visiting Israel ‘you will never be the same,’” said Haim Gutin, Israel Commissioner for Tourism, North and South America, and organizer of the morning event.
Chairman of Bank Hapoalim, Yair Seroussi, updated the audience on Israel’s burgeoning economy, and Danny Saadon, Vice President and General Manager, North & Central America of El Al Israel Airlines, awarded tickets to Israel to the winner of a drawing.
North America is the largest source of foreign tourism to Israel – and it is estimated that some 50% of American tourists to the country are Christian.
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  1. Dr. Robert A.

    I was sitting at my computer working on my book: Two Worlds: One Story The Divine Miracles and, noticed that my web links alerted me to your updated web link. First, I wanted to congratulate you and Donna on your Holy land trip and to your other speaking engagements. And, I wanted to ask if you would consider being hired for something during one of your Holy land tours? If interested please feel free to contact me and perhaps, we could talk further via e-mail. Again, congratulations & Keep up the great work!

  2. My blessings for your cruse ship trip to Israel.

  3. Hi Al,
    Yes, I am always interested in helping out in any way I can. I will assist you if possible. Please send me more detailed information at:
    God is blessing you! RAS

    Rose, Thanks for the nice words. Since you were on our last Holy Land trip you know what a time we had! Please encourage others to join us. Or, if you want to go again but this time on a cruise ship. God is blessing you. Robert A.

  4. Robert, you ask me, if I'm interested to come on the cruise ship? No! I do not really like to do cruise ship trips. Anyway for this year I made already other vacation plans. You certainly will find other people to join you. Maybe people first time travelling to Israel. - Blessings

  5. Hey Donna,

    Thank you for the response and I will e-mail in the near future. Many Thanks...