Thursday, March 29, 2012

OC Register...HOP goes to 1/2 Hour in some markets...


  1. Son and grandson of founder Robert H. Schuller will return as guest pastors at future services. - Really now in 2012?? Unbelievable! May I ask, why you decided to do this???-Was nice to meet you and Donna last Friday at Bobby's service. I hope to read some more entries of you Robert, when I'm back home April 21. from my travel to San Francisco and Housten. Blessings, Rose

  2. Yeah, yeah, people here, it seems always changes at CC. Another pastor with great sermons around Easter. Was my pleasure to be there. But "out of date" where and to which building they can move? I know America is called the Bible belt in some places. So people do not cray anymore and move to another bible based church when everything is over. To be like glued to something or somebody makes no sense and makes me personally walk away from this people, church, spouse etc. We have to have an open mind in our lifes otherwise we grief more then we can have joy!!! - Blessings, Rose