Monday, March 12, 2012

"When You Are Down To Nothing, God Is Up To Something"

In Dubai on our way to Global Peace Festival Foundation event

As of today my new book is officially out!  Although I began writing it two years ago the publisher decided to hold it until this week.  (this date has been rescheduled for months)  You will see from the introduction that I mention my new grandbaby. Haven Claire.  The fact is that I now have two grandchildren,  Haven Claire and Robert Cohen IV!!   You will also read my company was then  "Comstar Media".  Last year it was re-branded, "YouToo t.v."

After all that took place last week involving a ministry which I spent most of my life 100% dedicated to, it is no wonder why the book was held for so very long.  God knew!! 

My hope and prayer for you is that this book will be a blessing to you as you face your difficult situations in life.   When you are down, look up!

God is blessing you.   Robert II


  1. Robert, I preordered your book already last fall! -- My life is an up and down! Had to leave the company fall 2008, I worked, because of not getting my salery every month as the boss was oblighed to pay. I not one second grieved. I said, the Lord knows way it happend. Was enough knowledge for me! New oportunities ahead. You know what I mean? My (85) mum's helth is not the best. Unfortunately I can see, she is a negative thinking person. Never satisfied with my help, houshold, cooking. She should eat good low fat almost no suger meals because of a light diabets diagnosed or her heart. But as far as I can see she do not take care. - Yesterday she and my dad went for a treatment to a kind of helth resort. My dad promised to call me and tell me the name of the hotel and phone no. Nothing happend! Afer all I said to me, should I worry or should I trust in Jesus that he helps me out of this thoughts about my parents and going to bed and sleep well. Slept like a log! I know that when I come towards "Heaven" that I can lean back and I can go through tragedy etc. at the hand of Jesus. Maybe I do not understand what's going on in the above mentioned situation, but God does. In my prayers to him, I can say, God you know how I feel and how I think, with your help I'm strong and manage this situation without getting sick. - I have a strong saying; never put your trust in people, but in the Lord! - In my story here and in your one Robert you undergoed, you and I can learn even if the people who forsake you can be very closed family members. God is blessing you!

    1. Hi Rose,
      I am sorry to hear that you had trouble in 2008 as well. We had a great trip to the Holy Land after that and since you joined Donna and I you saw first-hand what a spiritually uplifting experience that trip was!
      It is wise to lean on and trust in God but grief is a very important part of getting through anything. Even Jesus grieved. What is also important is that we move through our grief and it sounds like you have done that. I caution you however: if you have not properly grieved the loss of your job the hurt or anger may leak out in other ways. This is a very natural process. When we deny our feelings by trying to over spiritualize them we sometimes help those feelings linger for longer than they ought to; they get buried and come out in ways we don't expect. You are in my prayers.
      God is blessing you, RAS

  2. I look forward in reading your new book!

  3. Thanks dear Robert for your very kind and wise words! It gives a necessary time to grief and then when the time is ripe to move on. I do not mean never forget, denay or push away your/our grief. Just not dwelling in it and forgetting to think clear about the new door that God can open. If we dwell, God can’t open new doors and we can get sick. - Yes, the Holy Land trip was something good to do! Really a spiritually uplifting experience...!!! - My abundant blessings from far away, Rose

  4. Just got the book in the mail this week and have begun reading. I am going thru a rough patch myself right now, so I find it very inspiring. Thank you so much for your wonderful words!!!!

  5. The number 13 is, by some, thought not a lucky number but is sometimes the needed most positive number, as I found last evening in your new book, Robert! Let me explain:

    Yesterday, my wife and I were given the disappointing news that the biopsy of my wife's Thyroid Gland, removed 2 weeks ago along with multiple suspicious nodes, were all found to be cancerous and the cancer was considered "widely invasive".

    Last evening, I opened your book Robert, to continue reading and I found I was at Chapter 13, dealing with disappointment! In reading the stages of 'positive progression after disappointment', I felt well nourished emotionally and spiritually, so if I may, I copy here the stages, in part, with my heartfelt gratitude to you Robert and also to God who is always with us, especially when we need to feel HIS comfort through times of concern. HE finds ways to remind us we are never down to nothing, as HE is always with us in Spirit or at times perhaps, speaking to us through wisely written books!

    From Chapter 13 of "When You are Down to Nothing , GOD Is Up To Something":

    -disappointments produce perseverance,
    -perseverance produces character,
    -and character produces hope,
    -And hope does not disappoint.

    "So, if we follow the positive progression, we begin with a disappointment but we end with no disappointment because we have 'worked the system'. We have developed perseverance, which is a godly character trait, which gives us renewed hope
    -and hope does not disappoint".

    God is Blessing all, always

  6. Wow! I did actually watch Crystal Cathedral in Toronto (Global TV @ 10AM) and it was repeated on Vision TV @ 11:30, both the full 60 minutes. How good it was to hear and see the choir singing traditional hymns, to hear the Hazelwright Organ played and see the organist happily playing that keyboard! The interview was excellent and I could see the genuine happiness and love shining from the faces of the singers.

    So I read that both you Robert and Bobby too each will preach at CC occasionally while retaining your main positions elsewhere! This seems that HE has somehow allowed the seeds of the apple that fell at CCM to sprout anew. And for me this all jives well with Donna's remnant quilt story. All is never lost if we remain faithful to HIM at the core of our Faith and let him put HIS plans in place.

    I am so very happy to add CC Television broadcast to my Tree of Life on-line broadcast and the daily emails and blog I get from Tree of Life, as we read the Holy Bible together over this year!

    This surely has been quite a week!

    God has has Blessed us as always.

    PS I feel what started out as a "loss" has become a renewed CCM (to be moved eventually), Bobby has a wonderful Ministry, Robert you have ALN and Family Net TV plus Christian radio with Chris Wyatt, and Donna has kept us all from wandering away into the desert by keeping all of us in the loop along with her inspirational Blogs and videos!

  7. Reading the following from your book, it was as though my head was suddenly aglow from within!

    When You Are Down to Nothing, God Is Up To Something by Robert A Schuller Ch 19 page 194

    "God sees the past present and future as one. HE knows every event that has or will take place and ordains it for His loving and good purposes. HE is not the author of contrary, negative or evil events, but HE allows them for His own purposes. Indeed, HE uses them to accomplish His sovereign plans and purposes".

    I am a Christian and not passive in my Faith but I know, at some horrific times in my life, I was so consumed with the events, I was mostly trying to deal with how to hold myself and others together. I was, however, calm throughout those times and often I was asked if I was not really aware of how terrible the situations were! I knew and I guess HE knew that within me HE was calming me, even if i did not acknowledge His presence in the events or my Faith in His wisdom and that He was the one in control!

    I loved this Chapter as I read and realized my calmness was His doing and that the events were turned to good eventually even though it was a long journey for me and my family. We have all come through and have peace with whatever happened.

    So, just had to post my thanks for your words and His putting those words there for me at the right time and I knew how HE had worked all for good through those troubled times!

    Yes, I work like it is all up to me but at the end of the day I give thanks and pray, as I know it is all up to GOD!

    HE is Blessing all, always

  8. Hi I just wanted to post to make a comment about Mr R. Shculler.
    My name is david Miller and I live on the other side of the world.
    I have never met Robert but I once wrote to him asking for some help in a projectof mine. Robert took the time to actually write back and help me. Im sure his life is very busy but he sacrificed some of his time to do something for me that would bring no return for himself. Lots of preachers talk the talk but I can honestly say Robert is a sincere and giving Christian. God bless.