Monday, July 9, 2012

Robert Schuller Ministries

Robert Schuller Ministries was established on July 9, 2012 by Robert and Donna Schuller. With the help of a dear friend, Lindy Roth, we established a Church without Walls. When we think of a church we usually think of a nice building with a steeple and a cross. Is this the church? We believe that the church is a gathering of people from anywhere and everywhere coming together in the name of Jesus Christ to distribute comfort, inspiration and hope; to build up or edify one another. That is what the Robert Schuller Ministries is all about. With the help of the new media we can meet anytime and anywhere all the time. “Who would have thought?”  That is what this church is all about. Bringing people together. Building up the body of Christ.

How do we do this?
·      Partner in Prayer
·      Participate in Global Peace Initiatives
·      Write and Publish Uplifting Books
·      Distribute Positive Sermons
·      Post Inspiring Blogs
·      Create Community Outreach
·      Coach Individuals and Groups in business, health, family dynamics
       grief, loss, crisis, goal setting and life fulfillment.  
·      Public Speaking, Teaching and Preaching.
·      Host Body, Mind and Spirit Workshops
·      Lead Bible Studies
·      Officiate at Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals
·      Dispense Light to a Dark World with Solar Powered Lamps.

1 comment:

  1. Seems you have well identified what you & Donna do so much for, in the name of GOD and HIS community of people, locally and globally!

    As I read it, certain words or concepts all added up to a great platform from which I know you will spring to even greater heights in HIS name and very easily the following shone brightly before my eyes:

    C Caring+
    H Helping+
    U Understanding+
    R Responding+
    C Comforting+
    H Healing=

    I am so happy for you and as a follower, I anticipate with others the new jewels that will be added to the crown of success this story wears!

    God is Blessing all, always