Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When You Are Down To Nothing, God Is Up To Something

Have you ever felt alone, all alone?  I believe if you are completely honest with yourself and with God you will have to admit, as I did, "yes".    Having felt that way after leaving a ministry which I'd spent my entire life helping to build,  I decided to share what came out of my darkest hours of pain and questioning. 
 I began writing the book with the title, "When You Are Down To Nothing God Is Up To Something" when I was still the Senior Pastor at the Crystal Cathedral with the hope that it would help others who were going through really bleak times in their lives.  After I left in 2008, the publisher decided to hold off on the release date so as to weave my own experiences and loss throughout it's pages.  Never in my wildest imagination did I ever dream that this title and it's message would strongly represent one of the most dismal times in my own life. 
In my book's introduction I refer to Saint John of the Cross (Juan de Yepes Alvarez) a sixteenth-century Spanish friar--a  member of the Roman Catholic Carmelite order.  He is perhaps best remembered for his classic work, Dark Night Of The Soul (La Noche oscura del alma).  In his poem he describes the trials and the suffering the soul goes through in this life.  He was tortured and imprisoned for his work as a reformer.  I go on to say, "I am in no way comparing myself to him or in contribution to Christendom, yet the title of his classic poem represents me well as I introduce the title and theme of this book.
To many who have survived their own "dark night of the soul" you have hopefully learned that trouble is life's wisest teacher;   suffering is the schoolmaster that leads us to humble submission; trials are the tutor that explains the difference between life as we would like it and life as we are given it-and how the latter is the gateway to a deeper knowledge of God.  In short, trouble teaches us that God is always up to something in our life."

To facilitate and discuss the message of a gracious God who is always up to something good in our lives, even when we don't see it, my wife Donna and I have decided to start a teleconferencing " An Hour With Robert A. and Donna Schuller".   This will take place via phone once a month, hopefully beginning the first week of November.  There will be a nominal fee through Paypal or a similar service.  For those of you who would prefer webinars, we may do this as well but for now we do not want to exclude anyone so we will start with a phone presentation.  We are going to adopt a similar structure to that of our "Possibility Living Seminars" and my radio show which was called "Balanced For Life."  We will talk about issues which address complete health in body, mind, and spirit.  We also look forward to a Q. and A. time at the end of the program and for those who sign-up early we will be giving away autographed books. We will provide more detailed information soon.

I look forward to your input and your suggestions on topics so please take the time to comment here or email Donna and myself at robert@robertschullerministries.org or Donna@donnaschuller.com

God is blessing you.  Pastor Robert A. Schuller

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