Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Robert Schuller's Family First

One of my greatest joys was pastoring a church for over 32 years, and even now pastoring a "church without walls."   Even so, it doesn't begin to compare with the overwhelming love and satisfaction that I experience when spending quality time with my grown children and my two grandchildren.

 My wife Donna and I try to host a family barbecue or casual dinner every Sunday.  By attempting to do it every week we usually accomplish this special family time about twice a month.
 This past Sunday we had three of our four "kids" and their spouses over for a BBQ, and of course the day wouldn't have been complete without our grandchildren,  Haven and R4 (Cohen).

  We are presently staying at a friends who have a stunning jacuzzi.   On Sunday I was enjoying this small pool while helping my granddaughter, Haven feel comfortable and begin to explore swimming. When she first got in the water she was terrified at the thought of leaving the steps on the side.  Even though I was there to catch her she just didn't trust the process.   Finally, after an all-day, off and on effort, she trusted her own abilities (and me) enough to let go and to try and navigate the short few strokes to reach me.   After a few failed attempts she had a success!  This in turn gave her more and more faith, trust, confidence,  and the secure feeling to know that with my help, she could do it!  Here you see her laying on her back while kicking across the entire length of the jacuzzi.

I suspect faith is a lot like that for many of us.  We first test the waters by getting our feet wet.  Then when things look like they are not working out we pull back and jump out of what we perceive to be a potentially harmful situation.  Sometimes that warning is a good thing and sometimes it's just our lack of trust and faith.   Other times, just like Haven in the pool, it's time that we stepped out in faith and kept on task;  knowing that there is a trusted person to catch us when we can't go the distance alone.   That person is God.  You can trust Him.  He is there for you. 

Join us by telephone on the 15th of each month at 6pm Pacific time.  My wife and I host The Call which is part of our global church with no walls.  It's easy, just pick up your phone and dial 530-881-1300 and when asked key-in this access code: 642848#  Each month we host a special guest who will encourage you in body, mind, and soul.   Tell anyone you know who could use mid-month encouragement or prayer.
God is blessing you.   Pastor Robert A. Schuller II

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