Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Call With Robert Schuller (that's me!) Celebrates One Year

Tomorrow marks the year anniversary of our monthly "Call." Over the past year, on the 15th of every month, Donna and I hold an open phone call to anyone and everyone who wants to join. We've covered  several topics over the year including "Change" and "Health." Some of our guests have included the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen and world renown brain specialist, Dr. Daniel Amen. We've also interviewed three of our four children and tomorrow we will be interviewing our youngest child, Anthony Schuller. The topic of our discussion tomorrow will be giving thanks.

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in a few weeks, I want to share a few ways in which we can give thanks even amidst hard times:

  • Accept God's Grace : Regrets and remorse are part of the fabric of life but God uses all of the events in our lives to conform us to the image of His son, Jesus Christ. Understanding and accepting God's mercy is vital to moving through past regrets. When we accept God's forgiveness and plan for our life we are able to give thanks for all the wonderful things that surround us. 
  • Flex Your Faith Power: All of us worry or feel anxious from time to time. Life is about the future. And there are only two ways to approach the future: with fear or with faith. Give thanks for your faith. A faith in a God who will give you a prosperous future. 
  • Allow God to Heal Your Wound: God works best in our weakness -- the kind of weakness that means being completely pliable, completely transparent, completely abandoned in the hands of God.  Give thanks that God has the ability to transform your life in ways you cannot imagine. 

Join us tomorrow as we delve deeper into giving thanks, giving back and being genuinely happy.  Participation in "The Call" is completely free. We will be live tomorrow, November, 15th at 6pm. To be a part of our time together, at 6pm tomorrow, please call 530-881-1300 and press #642848 when prompted for a code.

I look forward to speaking more with you tomorrow,


  1. I was invited to a Multiple Sclerosis group event last evening thus was unable to listen to The Call. I was so looking fwd to listening to Anthony talk of his p;anned work in the community during the Global Peace Conference. Anyway a transcript or link to The Call is available from last evening would be gr8? !

  2. Wonderful "Call" as I listened to the link. Love the expression you wrote on once of Getting Through what your going Through, one of your books and it helped me so much as I have journeyed on with a sense that God is with me 24/7. I know HE doesn't lead me into valleys but "through the valleys" I am making progress in having a more "conversational" relationship with God as I continue with all in a "Use it or Lose it" attitude re my mobility and speaking/vision issues due to my MS. Having MS has enabled me to slow my pace and really see the issues all have, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. My MS is no greater challenge than what all go through in some way with some issue. This is a time to spread my arms wide and be thankful for the abundant blessings; so many I could not hold them all if each were in a gift box.

    We have Thanksgiving in Canada in October but I love to participate as much as I can in the Thanksgiving of our friends in United States. Have a wonderful time there and travel safe to Global Peace event!


  3. Did you all have a good family time this week? I sure did as I saw Disney's Frozen with my family that includes Grandkids who experienced their first big movie theatre . Love this gr8 ad about making time for the most important family.