Saturday, March 15, 2014

Robert Schuller-Church With No Walls

*Join us today, March 15th ( and on the 15th of every month) at 6pm Pacific Time for"The Call" which is part of our global ministry with no walls   It's Lent and we will talk about listening to God through meditating on scripture.  Simply call:  530-881-1300   Key-in the code: 642848#  You can  join us any month.  Same time-6pm Pacific.  Same place-the convenience of your home or cell phone!  Invite anyone who you think could use some mid-month encouragement.  Join us! Contact me if you want an MP3 recording emailed to you.

Attached below are photos of one of our newest global projects.  "The Gathering" meets each Sunday at 10am in Puerto Los Cabos Marina which is in San Jose' del Cabo, Baja California, Mexico.  When I am ministering elsewhere we have some amazing lay-leaders who lead the Sunday morning meeting.  

Communion Sunday at The Gathering Puerto Los Cabos

Pastor Roberto explaining what communion means
Our beautiful 95ft. cross at the top of the hill-always visible

 If you join us this evening we will update you about our many global projects.  
Our prayers are especially with all of the people of Malaysia and the region as they suffer through the unfolding mystery revolving around the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.  
My wife, my son Anthony, his fiance' and I were in Malaysia in December.  We spent a week with the Global Peace Foundation as we discussed the need for peace in the region and in our world.   Our flight from LAX to Kuala Lumpur was hosted and paid for by Malaysia Airlines and we shared a meal and a deep conversation with one of it's top executives.  It saddens me to hear of this recent tragedy.  We can only pray that somehow the people on that flight have safely landed somewhere and are going to be heard from any day.

God is blessing you.   Pastor Robert A. Schuller


  1. Ah, my! So much time has passed since RAS was in Minnesota (Roseville, tho he insisted he was in St. Paul). I was late and embarrassed to come in while you were having a hymn-fest. Silly me. I missed much of the fun.

    I'm writing because I was surprised to read in Pens Opinion that you are now in Mexico, and I wish you well. I can't think what led you there, but probably it was one of those "learning experiences" we'd just as soon do without. I've had a couple of them.

    I'm writing because I still have an empty place in my life that formed when RAS left the HOP. 14 (or so) year Eagle member of the TV congregation, and my Sundays did begin with the HOP. I deeply miss it. I leaned on RHS's structured sermon groups, which always seemed to touch me in my personal life. I enjoyed watching RAS find his own structure and then path. First I was a bit befuddled as to where this path was taking us, but then it started to make sense to me and I was an enthusiastic supporter.

    This month has been a difficult one in my life for reasons that are not important enough to relate, but I was truly feeling overwhelmed. I've been telling people that I still have my CC/HOP books, but as I'm remodeling my basement, right now they are packed away out of danger of flying paint and sheetrock dust, but

    but looking at the upstairs bookshelf, there was my copy of "Walking in your own shoes". Amazing that should have been left out of the box, but it was there, and it gave me just exactly what I needed to bring things back into perspective. You wrote and argued as a thoughtful scholar, someone totally familiar with the Bible and at ease with respected commentaries and church history; you offered just the commentary I needed, succinctly and gently. It was all right there.

    So, not for the last time, Pastor Schuller, thank you for being there. You are so very much appreciated.

  2. As you and Donna asked that we write if we might enjoy some music as part of THE CALL on the 15th monthly, I will say that I certainly would enjoy some quiet music, not a soloist type, as HoP might have, but perhaps something to compliment prayer time or between readings or teaching segments of THE CALL. As I am alone with a phone during THE CALL, as perhaps are others too, music I believe would enhance THE CALL while not taking away any time from your or Donna readings nor the call-in segments.

    Thank you both for this wonderful mid-month opportunity to hear the word of God and share together a lovely hour wherever we all are.

  3. I am finding it too difficult to talk on telephones now so please know, in future calls, it is not without wishing to participate but rather not wishing to be struggling through speaking on a call; rather I accept it is best now to just listen, learn and pray with others. I will be there most months when I can but not calling in. If I ever have a comment or request for prayer I will simply email or tweet or whatever.

    God is Blessing all, always