Wednesday, January 28, 2015

God Has a Place For You-Robert Schuller Today

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  1. I find hope when I see and hear the likes of the young woman Emma Watson (Harry Potter films) speaking at UN meetings about 10x10x10 or 'He for She' project to help women (and men) in recognizing the need and ways we can speak and support wrongs against women. My 1st job at 18 yrs old (1969) and the Manager brought a long-time female accountant to tears as he humiliated her in the open office style we had. I had to knock on the manager's door and then close it, expressing how it seemed the lady of senior years, having been there 30 years, should have been called privately if he had to express whatever she had done unsatisfactory. I was asked to leave this office and he (red-faced in a seeming anger) then closed the door for the rest of the day. The staff were all red-faced a bit worried for me but smiling a bit and I worked there 20 more yrs. Be not afraid if you feel a need to speak in support of someone who is frightened and upset. If you are right God will be with you. If you do not speak, it will eat at you and you too may be the next victim. By releasing my feelings, I learned sometimes you just know without thinking too much that you are overwhelmed by a sense that you are the one that can and must act.