Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lastest Update on Robert H. Schuller's Health

Schuller's procedure a success

"The Rev. Robert H. Schuller’s procedure Friday evening “couldn’t have gone better,” said Carol Schuller Milner, one of his daughters and the family spokeswoman.
The popular televangelist of the “Hour of Power” and the founder of Crystal Cathedral Ministries, who was admitted to the hospital Friday evening for an exploratory endoscopy, ended up receiving a stent in his esophageal tract as expected.
It is unclear when the reverend will be released from the hospital, though “his vitals are great,” Milner said. The doctors are keeping him in the undisclosed hospital to observe how his tissue grows around the stent, which keeps the esophageal tract open so he can continue to eat solid foods.
Schuller, 88, was diagnosed in 2013 with esophagus cancer, which spread to his lymph nodes, and doctors at the time said chemotherapy and radiation would extend his life two years. Since his diagnosis, though, he has done remarkably well, Milner said, experiencing none of the regular side-effects and maintaining his appetite.
Milner is also hoping to soon receive an update on the status of the tumor in her father’s throat." (end of article)

The article above was in the local paper, The Orange County Register.  Please continue to pray for the comfort and peace of my father.  To contact me you can email me at:

Pastor Robert A. Schuller


  1. Prayers Dr. Schuller, get well soon.

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