Saturday, February 14, 2015

Update On My Father, Dr. Robert H. Schuller's Health

Taken 3 years ago just after Robert Cohen Schuller, IV was born. Four generations!

Hello All,
My son Anthony and I visited my dad just a few days ago and I thought you may want an update.  No matter where I travel there are people who ask me about Dad and say that they are praying for him.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.
 The day we saw my father we found him a bit more melancholy than in recent visits. He had just had surgery on his throat a week earlier so that might have explained his more mellow attitude.
 He is now in a new senior care facility.  This one is a lot nicer than the last one and it felt good to see him so well cared for.   He still knows me by name but unfortunately he cannot remember some of his most well-loved "adventures" from the past.  He has now lost most of his short and long-term memory.  In all of this he seems to be relatively pain-free and content. 
Please continue praying for him.

My son Anthony and his grandfather at my mother's graveside service,  February 2014

God is blessing you.   Pastor Robert A. Schuller

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