Thursday, April 13, 2017

Maundy Thursday

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray for a transformation of hearts.  Remembering how God's son was handed over for thirty pieces of sliver by one of his own.  Judas felt Jesus did not measure up to his expectations of the Messiah.  The grave sin of deceitfulness, the mark of the evil one, took hold of his heart. I pray Lord  that we will always strive to be sincere and loving.   That when people don't meet our expectations we will still look for the best in them.  I ask that we aim to always glorify His Name and seek Him first  with all of our heart.  That we might live a life imitating Jesus.  May we live
in communion with each other sharing His love to all.
Pastor Robert doing a foot washing for another pastor and his staff from Mariner's HB 

 As we arrive at the day where Jesus was betrayed may we be mindful of his suffering and may we forgive those who have hurt or betrayed us.  May we get ready to begin anew in just a few days, on Easter Sunday.

God is blessing you.   Pastor Robert Schuller

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  1. I joined you on Facebook live and partook in Communion. I have never heard it explained in those terms it will now have a greater understanding as I take Communion in the future. Thank you , Debbie King

  2. Thank you for this morning's teaching and Communion time.. I did take Communion with you with a sip of red wine I poured into a special goblet I have on a shelf, a goblet that my daughter gave me one Christmas. I took a piece of melba toast, broke it and had a small piece as you and Donna took bread and I followed the with the wine as you both did so. This really was powerful, in fact more powerful for me than when I take Communion at Church sometimes. I think as there was just I and you talking to us, Donna obviously there, it was a "closeness, something as much or more than the quick partaking at Church with so many others and a walk from pew then back to pew. I don't really know what made it so special? The setting more quiet. The calm words from you. The teaching you gave before or the fact that it is Maundy Thursday. It doesn't matter what. It was beautiful. God Bless you and Donna and all who may read my experience I post here.