Thursday, June 1, 2017

When You Are Down, Look Up!

At a very young age I decided that my life's mission was to inspire people through tough times.   Inspiration is different from motivation in that a motivator helps take people to their next level of success while an inspirational speaker works more with getting people who are down and out to find hope in their future.  To inspire literally means "to breathe the breath of life into."  One very common proclamation  I've heard in my 40 years of being a pastor is, "you saved my life."  That is a very heartwarming and great thing to hear but in truth God has only used me as a messenger of hope and  future healing. 

  Most of us are going through something or if we aren't we know a family member or a friend who is.  What do we do when we feel down and out, left out, deserted, hurt, angry, betrayed, discouraged, depressed, and filled with doubt about our future?   If you are part of a church family you might seek out the help of your local pastor, or your small group.  That's a good thing.  What about the millions who are not part of a church family or those who have lost contact with theirs? is being created to bring inspiration and hope to the millions of people who are affected by divorce, the death of a loved-one, bankruptcy, loss of income, illness or disease, problems with children or other family members, addiction, depression, or any number of life's challenges that can come up suddenly and without warning.  
It is my hope and prayer that when people don't know where to turn, they will turn to age-old, tried and true principals.  All of these principals can be found in the Bible.   I will be teaching these principals in my videos at  

I know that you or someone you know needs inspiration and hope so sign-up today right here on this link: 

God is blessing you.

Pastor Robert Schuller

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