Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just In and what a surprise!

I just heard from my wife via a friend in the midwest that I will be on the Hour Of Power Classic re-runs next Sunday, March 18th.  Here is the link:   http://vimeo.com/38402133.


  1. This is wonderful news. I hope you will be back leading the Hour of Power in person someday. They need your leadership and we need your messages. You are anointed.

  2. Dr. Robert A.,

    Its great to hear...and do hope to hear more of your sermons wherever God is calling you to preach. keep up the great work!

  3. Honour your father (worldly) by staying close to the project he began. When Martin Luther was excommunicated, he was surrounded by rebellious priests who could hardly believe their good fortune to be part of the excitement. Luther, saying nothing, went to a fireplace where a grey coal had fallen away from the fire, gently put it close to the fire with his foot, and it came alive again. He proclaimed they would not stray to far from the fire. Bless you, you are desperately needed at the Cathedral.

  4. Robert, I got your book yesterday. –I had time, so I begun immedately to read in it. Now I’m in the midst of the first chapter. I’m impressed how open hearted you wrote it as well older books you wrote. Even you tell us it’s not about you. It is and it’s okay. Because of made experiences from others we can learn. Either learn how to do it better or taking a good example. Here a good example. What you wrote as far I read it, I see so clearly how everything happend. Deep in my heart and stomach I felt it from the first moment. I expressed this feelings and nobody believed me or ment I’m rude and in “Jesus Name” they begun to swear at me. Instad to face the truth and having compassion with you Robert. I always felt compassion with you and the other pastors, people which had to leave the CC so immediatly. With all this wonderful reruns we can see the people still believe you are coming back one day. Even the situation is clear and you have now your new job, Gold called you to fulfill. Hallelujah!!! For me personally it’s sad to see that many, many people walk around with clossed eyes for their on situations as well. I walk with open eyes, even the truth can hurt! And here it hurted. I know for myself, my on father is 87 and never really accepted the opinions of me, my mum and others. I never could develope my skills. The girl (I) was to silly to have an own attitude or to know what is good for her. Other opinion and he shouted at me like crazy...!!! He still means his thinking is the only right thinking. Like that he closes his heart for Jesus. For him is Jesus a historical figur he knows of his life almost all. – My prayers and blessings are with you Robert, Rose

  5. Hi people around the world !
    Never trust People, only trust God, Heaven
    Trust only in the unseen World !!!
    People can forsake you, even loved ones...!!! Parents, Relatives, Kids, Friends, Media and so on...! But God and the Lord never abandon you!!! Be blessed, Swiss Rose

  6. Robert, I didn't realize at first that I was watching a classic re-run this past Sunday. I thought you were back and was so excited!! Hopefully someday soon you will be leading the HOP again. This certainly is a sign that" God Is Up To Something" !!!!

    Ken W.