Saturday, July 7, 2012

The BBQ Boom

Dear Friends,
What you see is not trick photography, a wig or a special hair style. It happens to be very real and actually quite exciting. It is a family tradition for me to light up the BBQ on the 4th of July. My daughter Christina and her husband Chad came over to eat and watch the fire works. What no one expected was the fire show before dinner. I didn't do anything different. I lit the BBQ the same way I always do. I turn the gas on, stick the lighter in the grill and puff...flames where they are supposed to be. This year is was a bit different. I turned on the gas, stuck the lighter in the grill and BOOM. I didn't see it but Chad did. It happened so fast that all I remember is an explosion. Chad said that I was completely engulfed in a ball of fire. When I looked down at my hand I noticed that I had no hair.  IT WAS GONE, all the way up to the sleeve of my sweatshirt. I looked at Chad and he immediately started laughing. "That was funny wasn't it." I laughed. "I'm not laughing at the fire ball I'm laughing at You," he retorted. "What?" "You should see yourself." So I went to the mirror and noticed that the explosion had blown my hair back and singed it to create this new fashion statement. It took my eyebrows, eyelashes, and a ring of hair all around my face.
I think God was watching over me. Nothing serious. All the hair will grow back and the slight pain I had on my arm was gone in the morning.
When my daughter decided to take this picture I made a silly face for fun. Yes that is me. I hope you have a good laugh. Do you know anyone else who has had similar experiences with their BBQ?
Here's to a Hot 4th,
Robert A. Schuller


  1. Robert sounds like you started the 4th with a bang. I would call that an eye opening experiance. Thank you Jesus, you just got a new hair style, and brow trim.

  2. I sure did have a GOOD Laugh!! I know it wasn't "funny" when it happened, but you do have a FUNNY LOOK now!! Not the way I remember seeing you!! 8-D))

    Many "years" ago, when I was young, our family was living in a housing project and back then they had Incinerators!! One time I was putting garbage in it, when all of a sudden it went Boom too!! Singed my hair, lashes & brows!! I was just LUCKY I didn't have it worse!! I'm sure your thinking the same thing!!

    Yes, God was Watching us Both!! 8-)

  3. Great Balls of Fire!You seem to have recovered your humor, if not your eyebrows, and I cannot imagine there was any immediate sense of levity on your part at the time of lighting the BBQ. Being into music, the Jerry Lee Lewis song 'Great Balls of Fire' popped into mind I'm afraid!

    Re similar accidents, I can say if the BBQ vent holes got blocked, often by a nest or cobweb, etc, a blow-back effect might ensue. If there was some way the valve had not been 100% closed, a tiniest leak might not empty the tank, but gas would accumulate just like if the gas was on too long before lighting and you get, well,

    "Goodness/ Gracious/ Great Balls of Fire"!

    Congrats on this site and best of luck!

    God is Blessing all, always

  4. Robert, good you can laugh about this dangerous incident!!! I guess God still needs you and has a purpose for you to accomplish. - Blessings, Swiss Rose

  5. Robert; this reminded me of how you have escaped " the balls of fire" these past years .... God has protected you ... and you are still out there with a positive message .... Makes me know that our heavenly father lives within us .... I give thanks for His presence and for all believers that have experienced His love and care.

    Dorcie Fleming Lacy