Thursday, September 20, 2012

I leave today for Atlanta, Georgia. I will be there for the few days to lead, “The Coalition for American Renewal” This organization was birthed last year, October 11-13, 2011 after the Nation Faith Leaders Summit that was held in Washington D.C. We assembled nearly 200 faith leaders in the capital to discuss the question, “One Nation Under GOD?” With religious assaults from all sectors of society chipping away at the spiritual fiber of this nation we had to ask the question. Is the America today still “One Nation Under God?” Is the foundation of God, the foundation that this United States of America started with in 1776, the same foundation today or have we abandoned this essential footing? Has our culture, society and nation changed so much that God is no longer the center of this country? In fact is God even allowed in our Nation and Politics? We answered these questions with the formation of the Coalition for American Renewal. So this week we are convening again. This time we are not asking questions but are addressing next steps in order to inject a spiritual dimension into the heart and soul of the United States of America. This spiritual punch will be felt not with pain but with peace and comfort. It is our goal to find positive, healthy social actions that will enrich the lives of the citizenry of this great and mighty nation. People are hurting. As pastors, priests, rabbis, monks, shamans and imams, we are very aware of the plight that many in America face every day. Together we want to join hands and create a common creative tangible goal. We want to make a visible difference. We want to work together to create a Coalition for American Renewal.

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