Monday, January 28, 2013

Get Healthier This Year!

                   Meet Our Next Possibility Living Class Guest!

                               Douglas DiSiena, BS, DC, FICA, QME, IDE, CLE, CCHC, CNS                                   

Do you want to feel more energetic, happier, more fulfilled; most importantly feel closer to God?    We can help you.  Each month we interview leading wellness professionals in body, mind, and spirit and these experts can assist you as you learn more about yourself, others, and God while you journey towards great health.

Are there questions that you have been wanting to ask your own doctor but you don't think that they would have the time or interest in addressing them?  Then you need to join us on February 15th at 6pm Pacific Time for our next Possibility Living class!
We will have with us the inspiring Dr. Douglas DiSiena who is the wellness doctor to thousands, including me!  Dr. DiSiena was also the co-author of "Possibility Living,...Add Years To Your Life and Life To Your Years With God's Health Plan."  He is a gifted healer and also the most well-versed doctor I have ever known.  During our class you will have the chance to ask Dr. DiSiena, me, or my wife any questions that you might have.  Start writing those questions down today or email me or my wife so that we will make sure and address them on February 15th.

Our Possibility Living book was written almost fifteen years ago and published in the year 2000.  It was the forerunner to many spiritual books that now tout the Biblical "Daniel Diet" but it was in fact considered heretical by many churches when it first came out!  See what the controversy was all about and learn the latest in scientific health findings.  Discover how you can add years to your life and more importantly life to those years!
* And remember-this is a telephone class held at 6pm Pacific Time so you can attend from anywhere!

   To sign-up please click on "donate" located on this main page and donate $29.95 for one class or sign-up for six months for only $120.00.  Be one the of first three to sign-up for February's class and get a copy of the revised Possibility Living hardback book for free!   And....Dr. DiSiena and I will autograph it.  Refer a friend who signs up for the class on February 15th and you get  March 15th's class for free!   * The classes are recorded so if you need to miss we can email you the recording or you can get a month added on to your class committment if you give us advanced notice that you will be absent.  And...your enrollment is a donation to our ministry.

For more information please email Donna at:

I look forward to talking to you on February 15th!

God is blessing you.  Robert and Donna

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