Friday, April 12, 2013

You Too Can Overcome Disappointments and Set-backs!

Do you need help dealing with disappointments or overcoming setbacks?  Maybe you feel like you are swerving off course or perhaps you have been stifled by road blocks and "do not enter signs" for too long!  Do you ever feel like you are going the "wrong way?"
  How would you like to be part of a discussion on getting back on track and refreshing your goals?   Plan on joining Donna and I for our next Possibility Living Teleclass which is on April 15th at 6pm Pacific Time.
It's Post-Easter and it's Spring.  It's time you had your dreams, goals, and visions for the future re-ignited!  We want to help you do just that.
Donna and I started this new way of bringing you the Possibility Living message last November and on the 15th of each month we get the pleasure of hosting live, inspiring discussions on various subjects which have mostly been suggested by YOU!  We have already hosted such great classroom guests as Max Lucado, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Douglas DiSiena, and Angie (Schuller) Wyatt.  And, we have other exciting guests coming up in future months.  For April we decided to focus on the  Easter message of new beginnings and no one knows what that looks like more than Donna and myself!!
 We hope that you will join us this coming Monday, April 15th at 6pm Pacific Time.  And...guess what?  You can attend class in the comfort of your own home...even in your pajamas!!
  Please click on the "donate" button which can be found to the right side of this home page.  The suggested donation for a single class is $29.95 or if you want to sign-up for 6 months of once-a-month classes the suggested donation in just $120.00.  Where else can you go to get live and in-person advice and friendship with me, my wife and our exceptional guests? 

Sign-up for a six month commitment today and we will also send you a complementary autographed copy of one of my books.
* All donations go to support our on-going global ministry, "church without walls."

God is blessing you for a great future!  Robert A. Schuller

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