Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Service at the Crystal Cathedral

 Tomorrow I will be at the Cathedral for their last Protestant service. I have been invited to participate in a baptism and read scripture. It is bitter sweet. I have so many amazing memories there. I am happy that it will remain a place of worship but am sad that I have little future in a place where I grew up planting trees, building edifices, leading worship, preaching, teaching, counseling and performing baptisms, weddings and funerals. 
 When I left the Cathedral in 2008 I knew that this day was coming. The debt was great and there was no room for foolish, emotionally driven decisions.  When Jim Penner decided to take me off the Hour of Power it was a fatal blow that could not be reversed.
When I look at the plans for the “Christ Cathedral” as the Catholics are calling it, I am overjoyed with the renovations taking place. The entire campus will have a much-needed face-lift and as a result, shine into the future for decades and centuries to come.  To read an article which outlines their plans click here.
Let us all pray together that the goodness God that has lifted so many lives over the last 58 years from that spiritual hub will continue to inspire, motivate and uplift those who visit this very special place.

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  1. There are many, like I, who can only imagine the difficulty of such a bittersweet day. Though we know the following days, months and years will bring new wonderful times in new wonderful settings, we are sad for you and your family but so very thankful to you for the many inspiring sermons. Know please, dear Robert, that those good times are forever a part of us, etched in our memories, for their goodness and uplifting emotions can never be erased. They changed us for the better and are a part of so many of us, forever.

    God Loves you and so do I