Sunday, June 2, 2013

"The Call"

Plan on joining my wife Donna and me as we host our monthly church service, "The Call" at 6pm Pacific Time on June 15th.  We will read scripture, have prayer, including prayer requests, and share a brief inspirational message.  Our topic will be, " What Is A Call and What Does It Mean?"

In order to join us simply pick up your phone and dial:  530-881-1300 at 6pm sharp PDT on June 15th. When prompted enter 642848#    The great thing about the The Call is you can even participate in your pajamas! What could be easier? 
Please join us for this hour of intimate discussion and participation.   If you know anyone who needs some mid-month encouragement please pass along the numbers.
In Dubai 2010 

God is blessing you,  Robert A. and Donna Schuller

1 comment:

  1. Last month was my first time calling and it was truly wonderful! Now I know it is so easy, (I called a few minutes late but it was even easier than walking into Church a bit late); I was linked automatically to hearing you and Donna, I put my phone on speaker so it was easy to sit with the phone on the side table where I was sitting and just enjoyed it all so thoroughly. So on June 15, while I may or may not have a reason to ask for prayer or have a comment and may just relax and listen, I will be on "The Call" and joining you and all in prayer.

    Jan-Michael (Toronto, Canada)