Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Last Crystal Cathedral Service is Over

I knew that there were many of you who wanted to be at the last service in the Crystal Cathedral.   Here are three photos which represent only a brief snapshot of the morning.
 In the first I am reading the scripture.  The second short video is taken from the plaza towards the visitors center (where the bookstore used to be).  I am accompanying my son, a few other pastors from the Crystal Cathedral, and the Roman Catholic Priests, as we offer prayers and words of solidarity for future blessings for what is now the Christ Cathedral and what will be Shepard's Grove in their new facility beginning next week.
In the last photo I am standing in the mezzanine removing the plaque which reads "blue room" from the door.  This is the office where my dad, and then I, prepared for our Sunday morning services every Sunday since 1981.   In this office we also met and prayed for many people from the very average to the most famous;  including stars of screen and stage, important dignitaries-both domestic and foreign, Presidents,  or humble servants who have done great things for the Kingdom of God.  (oh if those walls could speak)

Plan on joining Donna and me on July 15 at 6pm Pacific Time.  We host "The Call" which is a monthly telephone church service where we join together for prayers, reading of scripture, a brief message, and where we update you on our global ministry projects.  This month we will interview an amazing guest, Kenneth Lord, who is the founder of "First Legacy Pictures" and the producer of the movie "The Disciples of Christ", a movie meant to follow "The Passion of The Christ."   Learn how you can join The Movement too!
This promises to be a great evening.  All you need is a telephone.  At 6pm on July 15th PDT dial 530-881-1300   When prompted enter this code:  642848#
We look forward to being with you then or at the same time using the same format on the 15th of each and every month.   

For better, more current updates please check-out my other writings here on this site or go to my wife, Donna's website because she has more time to stay in touch.  Her address is: 

God is blessing you.   Robert A. Schuller


  1. My wife Ann and I were once avid and consistent Sunday morning Hour of Power viewers. We loved being among you all (in a virtual sense) and came away inspired and encouraged. I have great memories of your dad and you ministering together. The baptisms after your dad baptized Evel Knievel still touch me.

    I stop watching and being a part when you left - it saddened me greatly and I hurt for you Robert. These days my wife and I have begun watching again - your son is a chip off the old block. I look forward to seeing great things come from you both.

    Love and blessings to you and your whole family!

  2. So glad you were invited to participate! Recalls the days when you followed in your father's footsteps on HOP. I appreciated those days so much.

  3. CC is past. To sad to loose more thoughts about. What happened is never to forget. But to lose joy in my life because of that would be wrong. So I moved on, mean church wise! Hope this 2 churches will not be attacked by the satan/devil! - Blessings to you and for yr new home!

  4. I enjoyed this Sunday’s service from my living room on Sunday Aug. 12, 2013. I am a faithful viewer. Loved your sermon & the story about your round pendent you lost in the sand & it came back to you though the mail. God bless the person who sent your pendent back to you, is all I can say. The sermon you gave was perfect content for moving on from the Chrystal Cathedral to our new church home.
    Thank you Deborah Hall since 1980 Spokane, Washington.