Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Robert H. Schuller and Henry Schuller

In last month's call, I told a story of an afternoon with my Dad and my Uncle Henry. I wanted to share a photo from that special day.

My Dad, Dr Robert H. Schuller and my uncle Henry Schuller

A few weeks ago, I spent a touching afternoon with my father and his brother. Knowing that my Dad is not well, my Uncle Henry flew out to Orange County from Iowa. Keep in mind he's 11 years older than my Dad!

The three of us spent the afternoon together, reminiscing, laughing, sharing and praying with one another.  At one point my uncle turned to my Dad and said, "Well Robert, this will probably be the last time we see one another until we meet again in heaven. " It was a heartfelt, emotional goodbye.

Please continue to keep the entire Schuller family in your prayers while my father continues his battle with cancer. And join me next Tuesday night for our monthly call. Our guest for October 15th will be Dr. Daniel Amen.

To access The Call at 6pm Pacific Time on the 15th of October (or any month) please dial:  530-881-1300  When prompted enter this code:  642848#  Invite anyone you know who could use some mid-month inspiration.  Remember, it's 6pm California time.  Talk to you then.


  1. In my prayers! I know it is a poor prognosis from Doctors but that prognosis is based on other cases, naturally. Your Dad and his brother @ age 99 are different. May his next months/ years be times of Peace and knowing the next stage will be even greater than he might have anticipated.

  2. Hi Robert, I would have appreciated to have this chance to see my Dad and uncle ( my godfather) who died before the age of 60.
    Note : I became 60 this year - Thanks God !
    wish you and your dinasty familly many joys and peace...
    Thanks for your actions and presence !
    in Jesus !

  3. To Rev Robert H Schuller. I want to say a huge "thank you" for the inspiration which you have been to me and our family during difficult times, through your broadcasts and your little booklet Living Positively, (1991) One Day at a time. I still share it with my 2, now grown up, sons, their Dad My prayers are with you as you deal with your illness.

  4. I am praying for you, Dr. Schuller. Ever since I read, "Your Church Has Real Possibilities," I have believed and taught that every church does indeed. I thank you for all you have meant to so many through the years.