Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How Is My Dad, Dr. Robert Schuller, Doing?

I am asked on a regular basis, "How is your Dad doing?" My answer is always the same. He is happy. I have not noticed much change in him since he went to the nursing home in February 2014. Both of my parents went into ICU at the same time. Both were there for 5 days. Both left on the same day. My mother went to be with her Savior and Lord, Jesus, and my father went to the nursing home.
One of my sisters has lived in Hawaii for the past 25 years. She hasn't seen our father since February. She saw him yesterday and said, "his health has declined. " Since I see him regularly, I cannot see it. It is like watching your children grow. When you are with them it is hard to notice the changes.
Donna and I used to measure them on the kitchen wall. We would draw a line with a pencil and date it. We did this anytime we thought we saw a growth spurt. It was a beautiful experience watching those lines crawl up the wall. When we left house after they had all moved out, that was one of the things we cried about.
The good news is that Dad still knows who I am. He is somewhat in his own world but he is still happy. As long as he is happy I'll be happy.

God loves you and so do I!
Pastor Robert

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  1. This afternoon, I just got my Father home from the hospital after a two week stay. I realize that our best days are behind us. What I find is how much at peace that I am with all of this. I am also dealing with Mom and her short term memory loss. I just find that these days are so special and precious and am glad that I left California ( my belongings in storage ) to come an be a blessing in their lives. Mark Twain once said "Twenty years from now you won't regret the things you did do but you will regret the things you didn't do"

  2. I've followed you and your family for years. May God's peace, comfort and strength fill you life. I wrote this little story in one of my books, "When my father was critically ill, I was so thankful that a close friend of mine (who was in seminary) was there in the hospital room with me. My friend stood there with me at the bedside in the hospital room, but he remained totally quiet. After my father passed away, the two of us left the hospital room. My friend didn't say a word. We walked down the long hospital corridor; yet he didn't say a word. We stepped into the elevator in complete silence. Not one word was spoken even during the long walk out of the lobby across the parking lot to the car. My friend's arm was around me; I had just lost my father and no words would be appropriate. When we reached the car, the first words were spoken. I looked into the eyes of my friend and quietly whispered, "Thank you, my friend."

  3. May he be blessed just as he has blessed so many over the years!

  4. Thank you for the update. Good to see your son Bobby doing so well at Shepherd's Grove and with the Hour of Power ministry.

    1. Sorry people, even life has to continue and I'm proud for Bobby, I never can agree what happend with this Church, because of selfish people ruin everything. I see other US churches prosper with love, God pls plant love in the heart of the people and all church leaders, give them a pure and tender heart, so they can make the right decisions. God be with the Schullers!