Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pope Repestative Says Robert Schuller is Great Evangelical Preacher

A magazine named Christianity Today, published the following article.

It is a very positive article about my father and I. We spent our lives building a ministry that reached the world for Jesus. We preached in the Cathedral for decades. Our messages reached over 20,000,000 every week. Neilsen, the #1 TV rating guide rated us the MOST WATCHED religious program on TV for decades and we maintained that rating until the time I left in 2008.
I am very excited that the Cathedral was purchased by the Catholics because they are doing even more with it than I could have hoped for. I am very anxious to see the final outcome.

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  1. Hmmm, tried to enter this one time already. If it already went through, I'm sorry you're getting a repeat.

    The comment was hard earned and perceptive, I think.

    I was going through a stack of old magazines tonight, and came across a 2001 issue of the S.E. Post from 2001 that showcased your parents' 50th Wedding anniversary. While I read the article is was reminded how much I loved and relied on my "Hour" every week. I felt a need to try and let Pastors Robert (H. and A.) Schuller know how much I depended on their nurturing messages. Please let your Dad know he is still very much loved by his television congregants.