Sunday, January 4, 2015

The 10th Day of Christmas!

"10 Lords A Leaping"

We did a "Robert Schuller Today" video earlier but for some reason Donna had trouble creating and producing it.  Maybe because we are in Los Cabos, Mexico on this, the 10th Day of Christmas. 
What a great day we had as we helped host a "Posada" or party for fourteen families who have suffered tremendous loss after Hurricane Odile hit here on September 14, 2014.  Most of the families present didn't have much to begin with and almost all of them had either one or more children with serious health problems; cancer and heart disease to name just two.  The party included face painting, musical entertainment with games, creating art on easles, pizza and soft drinks for lunch, and gifts and gift cards for everyone at the end of the day.    I think what one family commented just about sums up our day.  A young boy asked one of the other volunteers why we were doing this party for them.  She simply replied "because we love you." 
This is what a "church with no walls" is all about.  This is what God's love is all about.  This is why Jesus came to earth and this is what we are supposed to be doing for others: finding needs and filling them.  I hope your 10th Day of Christmas was as great as ours!

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When a darling 4 year old asks you into the playhouse you go!
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Painting, playing, singing, dancing!

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Our two adopted families for the day!
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Pastor Robert getting ready to pray

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