Friday, March 6, 2015

Latest Update on My Dad, Dr. Robert H. Schuller

The marina finally got our cross re-lit following Hurricane Odile...nearly 6 mos. later!  A beautiful sight!

I visited my dad yesterday, March 5,  and I am happy to say that he still smiled at me and said, "it's my son!" I'm cherishing each of these greetings and I'm praying his memory will continue to hold a place for me for many months to come. 

Dad has slowed even more after his last throat surgery.  He is straining to talk and it's not as easy to understand him.  He doesn't seem to be in any pain and like I reported last time,  he is now in a very nice care facility where he is treated with dignity, respect, and love.  For this I am very grateful.

Donna and I are hosting our monthly "Call" on March 15th at 6pm Pacific.  This month we have a very interesting guest.  Mark Siljander is a former U.S. Congressman and U.N. Representative.  Mark will share the message found in his book, "A Deadly Misunderstanding" based on his many years of study and expertise in Christian-Muslim relations.  We will begin The Call with a brief historical overview of the the world's three major religions and as always we will pray together and read scripture.  We always allow time for questions so you can ask anything of us, including any you may have regarding my my father.
To join us on March 15th at 6pm Pacific time dial 530-881-1300 and key-in 642848#

God is blessing you.  Pastor Robert Schuller

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