Saturday, November 14, 2015

Robert Schuller Today ~

Please watch this video for full info about THE CALL:

THE CALL will take place as it does each month tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. PST, 9:00 EST or GMT+8.  Dial ... to join Pastor Robert and Donna in The Philippines.

To join participate, dial 530-881-1300 and key-in 642848#

 They will host a prayer time for those who mourn and suffer from the tragedy in Paris.  They also have an interview guest.  Daniel Brigman will join them in discussing  The "My Church Is Ready" campaign.  Learn what you can do to prepare for a natural disaster or any kind of civil unrest that could put your family at risk.  Do you have food and supplies ready in case you were stuck in your house for 30-60 days?  They will take your questions as well. 

Also, please follow Pastor Robert's blog here and join our mailing list for the quarterly newsletter. 

Thank you.

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