Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend of Prayer for National Healing

Our nation is going through a race crisis like I have never seen before. The solution is not found in the government or court rooms. It is not found in The White House or on Capitol Hill. It is found in our houses of worship.  If we will pray God will heal our land.

I am calling for a national weekend of prayer starting September 16. I am asking people of all faiths to join together in their respective houses of worship and pray for peace, justice, protection, security and national unity.

Since the Church is the most segregated institution in our nation, I am asking them to volunteer to participate in integration on Sunday September 18. On that day I want White churches to invite Black pastors to participate in their worship and I want Black churches to invite White pastors to participate in their worship. This may be a time to swap pulpits or interview each other or simply offer prayers or read scripture; do something that will show respect and honor for your brothers and sisters of another race in your worship.

When you visit each others churches, I want you to bring 4 to 6 leaders with you to participate in a dialogue following the service. In the dialogue would be 4-6 leaders of each respective church. I want off duty police officers from your community to volunteer to show up in the worship and participate in this dialogue. I want Black officers to go to White churches and White officers to go to Black churches.

On this weekend I ask that all those involved in Black Lives Matter not to gather in the streets but join us in our houses of worship. Not to make a scene, but to respectfully follow the spiritual leadership of the prayer service and dialogue.

To help facilitate this voluntary church integration and prayer time, I will have a website where your church can notify the nation when and where you will be having your service and dialogue. If you need help connecting with a Black or White church your registration will be an invitation for church leaders to connect. On the site will be tools to assist in the dialogue along with prayers, and litanies.