Monday, November 14, 2016

Recovery Prayer

...and it takes God.

Dear Lord,

We pray for those who have been afflicted with the addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Our nation faces a fierce epidemic that is taking hundreds of thousands of lives every year.  As the master physician, heal them.  For those who are still in denial, remove the scales from their eyes that they may see their need and find your salvation.  For those who know the battle they face give them the strength to conquer their temptation.  For those who are guiding others, give them the wisdom and the words for successful leadership in helping those on the path.  Remove this scourge from our society today. 

Hear our Prayer God.
In Jesus name. Amen

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  1. Yes, and because addictions often do not start with first try (cigarette drink drug, etc), it shows there is a root cause most often. If you choke or cough but continue to inhale or drink until you can get to smoke, drink whatever it is and do it easily, why did we work so hard at getting to be able to do it. I pray people, especially kids and parents or grandparents can talk together early and know they are safe to talk before they learn a harsh lesson.