Thursday, April 13, 2017

Communion by Dr Robert Schuller


  1. Thank you for this morning's teaching and Communion time.. I did take Communion with you with a sip of red wine I poured into a special goblet I have on a shelf, a goblet that my daughter gave me one Christmas. I first took a piece of dry melba toast, broke it and had a small piece as you and Donna took bread and I followed that with the wine as you both did so. This really was powerful, in fact more powerful for me than when I take Communion at Church sometimes. I think as there was just I and you talking to us, Donna obviously there, it was a
    “ closeness ", something as much or more than the quick partaking at Church with so many others and a walk from pew then back to pew. I don't really know what made it so special; The setting more quiet? The calm words from you? The teaching you gave before or the fact that it is Maundy Thursday, perhaps all the foregoing. It doesn't matter what. It was beautiful. God Bless you and Donna….Jan-Michael

  2. Pastor Schuller,
    Thank you so much for doing communion yesterday. I am recovering from surgery and our car broke down, so I am homebound right now.Holy Week has always been so important to me and to have you share gave me light. I am looking forward to your Good Friday message today. God Bless you,
    Melissa Selders

  3. Yes, I celebrated communion with you! What a blessing you are in my life! Good to hear your messages once again! Communion was powerful tonight on Maundy Thursday as always! Blessings to you and Donna