Monday, September 4, 2017

10-Steps To Emotional Healing Link

 There is much pain and suffering in the world.  Most of us seek peace and understanding, sometimes on a daily basis.  I have good news, you are being taken through your valley of despair, hopelessness, worry, anxiety, fear, or mistrust.  God never dumps you in the valley and leaves you there.  You can do more than survive your tough times, you can strive and become an even greater, more courageous person because of what you are going through today.  

 If you or anyone you love is going through a tough time or maybe just in need of some encouragement and hope, you can click here to sign-up for my inspirational video series, 10-Steps To Emotional Healing.
Again, just click the link above or here below to gain access to practical, Biblical teaching that will help you through anything you are going through.

God is blessing you through all things.

Dr. Robert Schuller

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