Addiction Help

  Need immediate help?  Call us today.  We can help you even if you don't have insurance.  


If you or anyone you know needs help in recovering from drug or alcohol addiction please contact us by clicking this link here: or just call  949-306-0423      We will get you the help you need.   Don't be ashamed, afraid, or too proud to reach out.  There is help available.  It is never to late to start again. You or someone you know can have a rewarding, joyful, productive life if you get help now.  

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Please consider making a donation for our ministry of helping people start a new life.   Your donation will go towards purchasing an insurance policy for someone who can't afford one.  We will also follow-up on individuals who have completed an inpatient program so that they will know that there is only one way to stay clean and understand the person of Jesus through entering a deep friendship with Him..    God is blessing you for what you are able to give.